MICHAEL JIE-SHEN FANG, also known as Fang, is recognized as one of the cannabis industry’s most dynamic young entrepreneurs and innovators; a genetic designer famous for creating and leading the Gage Green Group to international prominence. Michael has been innovating in the growing marijuana trade his entire life and has been a staunch advocate for liberty and freedom.
Michael is considered a top breeder in the world. He is a regularly featured speaker at all major cannabis conventions and competitions and author in the industry’s prominent magazines and publications.
"An Ode to Organic Cannabis Cultivation"  – March 2023 by Katherine Wolf in LEAF Magazine 
"Fang Launches Genetic Designer Cannabis Brand With Sold Out Diamond Fruit Seeds" – January 10, 2022https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/fang-launches-genetic-designer-cannabis-brand-with-sold-out-diamond-fruit-seeds-1031090802
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The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Edibles, from Tinctures and Cocktails to Entrées and Desserts Paperback – October 1, 2019 by Robyn Griggs Lawrence (Author), Povy Kendal Atchison (Photographer), Jane West (Foreword)
Mendo Breath by Phinest Cannabis  at the 2018 Emmy’s Awards – “Hollywood’s Red Carpet Was Sprinkled With Hints of Cannabis Green For Television’s Biggest Night” – September 20, 2018 by Andre Bourque in Forbes Viceshttps://www.forbes.com/sites/andrebourque/2018/09/20/how-hollywoods-red-carpet-was-sprinkled-with-hints-of-cannabis-green-for-televisions-biggest-night/?sh=67d073a74afa
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Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains Paperback – Illustrated, March 13, 2012 by S. T. Oner (Editor), Greg Green (Introduction)
Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains Paperback – August 30, 2011 by S. T. Oner (Editor), Greg Green (Introduction)
In addition to his founding many cannabis ventures for over a decade, Michael has dedicated his life to researching the science of holistic health and wellness.  Michael’s interest in health and wellness stems in great part from his own battles with medical ailments during his youth.
The Organic Cup 2023 Barcelona, Spain
MOTH New York 2023 – New York, New York

The Organic Cup 2022 Benton Harbor, Michigan
The Organic Cup 2022 New York, New York
Mendo in the Mitten – Big Cloud Farms, Michigan
 The Organic Cup 2020 – Gladwin, Michigan
The Organic Cup 2019 – Gladwin, Michigan
High Times Cannabis Cup 2019 – Detroit, Michigan – Breeder Panel
“What is Gage?” 2018 – Holly, Michigan
The Emerald Cup 2013 – Santa Rosa, California
Peace and Wellness Dispensary 2012 – Sebastopol, California – Instructor
The Emerald Cup 2012 – Redway, California
In addition to adopting a completely organic lifestyle, organically-grown cannabis has played a tremendous role in reversing his ailments.  He now regularly writes and speaks on the therapeutic power of cannabis, natural healing, herbs, organic farming, and the overall human condition, most recently publishing the introduction to the GGG Protocols for Human Potency, A Guide for Natural Healing.  Michael has developed a practical plan, methodology, and scientific research to help others who wish to reverse life-long illnesses through natural healing methods.
Gage: A Gude to Human Potency – July 7, 2023 by Gage Green Group
Introducing the GGG Protocols for Human Potency – November 21, 2020 by Gage Green Group
“The Path to Potency” – November 10, 2017 in Skunk Magazinehttps://www.skunkmagazine.com/path-to-potency/
“Elements of Success” – August 29, 2016 in Volume 8, Issue 4 of Skunk Magazinehttps://www.skunkmagazine.com/elements-of-success/
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This work is the first in a series of publications on Michael’s study and practices of transforming humanity and increasing the potency of his beloved cannabis plants.  His work is a culmination of the symbiotic relationship between plants and humans.
Founder/Owner of Genetic Designer, Gage Green Group, GGG Natural, Gage Guide to Human Potency, Seed Bank for Humanity, Seed Bank International, The Organic Cup, Probiotic Farmers Alliance/Gro-Kashi Bokashi, Third Eye Gathering, Legit Genetics, Legacy Michigan, Big Cloud Farms & Cannabis Golfers Association.
400+ Unique Crosses Including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, Orange Juice, Demon Slayer, Spirit, & more.
Collaborator of the Year – Breeder’s Ball 2022
First Cannabis NFT Sold in 2021
Top Strains of 2016 – High Times Magazine 2016
Seed Bank Hall of Fame – High Times Magazine 2017
First Place CBD – High Times Cannabis Cup in Southern California (Omrita RX3 x Grape Stomper by Buds & Roses)
First Place Indica – High Times Cannabis Cup in Southern California 2016 (Grape Stomper OG by Mass Cannabis)
Third Place Indica – High Times Cannabis Cup in Southern California 2016 (Sophisticated Lady by Mass Cannabis)
First Place Hybrid – Dope Cup in Canada (Master Mind Labs)
Highest THCA Flower – Emerald Cup 2017 (Gorilla Breath by Higher.Flower)
Speakers at Michigan Harvest Rally, Legacy Michigan, Mendo in the Mitten, Melting of the Heads, The Emerald Cup, High Times Cannabis Cup, & The Organic Cup.
Published and Featured in Grow Magazine, NE Leaf Magazine, High Times Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Treating Yourself Magazine, Probiotics and Cannabis Magazine, Cannabis Now Magazine, Detroit Metro Times, ReLeaf Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Benzinga, Business Insider, The Cannabis Grow Bible, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, Cannabis Grower’s Handbook, & More.
Recent Appearances on the Grow Bud Yourself Podcast with Danny Danko, Adam Dunn Show, Chronic Tables, High Noon Safety Meeting, Daily Chronicles, To Be Completely Blunt, Mass Medical Strains Podcast, The Smoke Break, The Wake N Bake, Medical Mondays, Dabcast Detroit, & The Grow Cast.
Michael grew up in Southern California and has grown weed in the Bay Area, Mendocino, Oregon, and Michigan. Michael has a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.